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Admission Ticket Size "C"

These tickets can be used for just about anything you can imagine. The one part Ticket may contain any wording desired and used as an admission ticket, dinner ticket, door prize, entry into a dance, carnival, etc.

If you need a stub on your ticket

check out our other tickets

Admission and Raffle Ticket Size B without stub.

We can print our tickets on a wide variety of paper stock. Prices shown are for our standard papers printed in black ink on your choice of color from the 5 paper colors shown. Color printing is available with slight up charge. Prices include all typesetting, showing proof, and printing.

NOTE: Each browser and monitor show colors in a different way. Our colors are standard paper colors you may see at any stationery or office supply store. Slight variations will occur between different paper manufactures.

Standard paper colors, others available upon request.