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​Raffle Tickets or Drawing Tickets are a good way to raise money for your team or event. For the "B" ticket the name & address lines are on the left stub and mostly used for the customer to fill out their name and information. If needed you can use any wording for your activity on the stub such as dinner ticket, door prize drawing, entry into event, drink ticket, etc.

 Send information for a "B" sized Raffle Ticket  with out any obligation. We will set form, email a proof with pricing for you to OK. Only after you say it is OK to print we will need your card information.

A 2 part ticket with name stub and ticket information stub.

Prices for "B" sized Raffle Tickets below are for our two most common papers printed on our standard paper color of your choice with black ink. Color printing is available with slight up charge. Prices include all normal typesetting, showing proof, and printing.

Raffle Ticket "B" Price List

Another fund raising item is our Raffle Calendar.

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