The printer, printers salespersons, employees or representatives make no warranty, express or implied, as to the content, fitness or legal purpose of the raffle items or any of the forms whether a standard pre-printed or customized form sold by us. Any violation of Federal, State or Local laws are the sole responsibility of the person(s) or organization(s) ordering and/or using such forms.

Q:  Do you guarantee my order will be delivered to me on the day I specify?

   A:  Yes and No. What we mean is, we guarantee that we will produce and ship your order so it should be delivered to you when you need it. However, once your order leaves our facility and is in the hands of the shipper we can not guarantee delivery of your order on a specified day, normally this is not a problem. However we are not responsible for late delivery or late distribution caused by acts of God or any other cause of loss of revenue.

2.Q: Do You Charge Sales Tax?

   A: Sales Tax is charged only on orders shipped to a destination within the State of California. The tax rate is 8.25%.

3.Q: Who does the Typesetting and Proofing for my order?

   A: Once your order is placed, we will typeset your copy and show you a proof usually within 48 hours or less. You must return your proof with an OK before we print your order.

4.Q: How can I proof my order?

  A: We will email your proof in PDF format for your approval, if an email is not available we can FAX a proof to you.


5.Q: How about accuracy of my order?

   A: We take pride in our work and use quality control second to none but, sometimes we humans do goof. Therefore it is your responsibility to check your Tithe Envelope or Fund Raising form proof. If your order is numbered, you will only have to check for accuracy of the numbers.

6.Q: Can you print Raffle Tickets or Raffle Calendars without numbers?

  A: Yes, however, we cannot guarantee a 100% accurate count without hand counting. This would be too costly for our customers. Therefore, unnumbered Tickets and Raffle Calendars are guaranteed to be within 3% plus or minus of the amount ordered. It is your responsibility to count the form when distributing them to your group members.

7.Q: What numbers do you start at?

   A: For Drawing or Raffle Tickets our standard numbering starts at 001 or 1001. Any other starting number will incur a setup fee. For additional printing of a previous Ticket or other form, we will update to continue the numbers without any additional charge.

8.Q: Can we have our organization logo on our Ticket or Tithe Envelope?

   A: Yes, we can add a logo or picture.  For best results your logo or picture should be in the following formats:
  Black or spot color ink: Black and White original, 600 DPI, .pcx, .tif, .wmf, .bmp, .png or .gif
  Color Pictures: 600 DPI minimum, .jpg or .jpeg format. See our  price page for more information.

9.Q: Do you print tickets in color and what does it cost?

   A: Yes, we print tickets in color. Call us for a price quote.

10.Q:  How do I order?

   A:  Orders can be placed from our website - or  Also by e-mail "".

11.Q:  How do I pay for my order?

   A:  Payment made by Visa, MasterCard, AMEX or Discover Card are the quickest. Money orders, cashiers checks, business and personal checks are accepted however, your order will not be processed and printed until your check has cleared.

12.Q:  Do you have any other paper colors than what is on your website?

   A:  Yes, we cal print on any paper you desire. Call "888-224-4414" or email us for a price quote.

13.Q:  What about a heavier postcard type paper?

   A:  We can do that too. Call or email us for a price quote.

14.Q:  Can you staple my tickets into books?

   A:  Yes. See our price page for more information.

15.Q:  Can you print on the back of tickets?

   A:  Yes we can, call or email for a price.

16.Q:  I want the "A" Raffle Titicket with the right hand stub printed with a large number only is that possible?

   A:  Yes, we can make the number any size on any of our forms. the only limitation is the form size.

17.Q:  We need a larger stub than what you show on your site, can this be done?

A:  Yes, we can make the stub any size you need. See our price page for more information.

18.Q:  How long does it take to print my orders?

A:  That depends on how many you order. Time below is for Church Tithe Envelopes, Raffle and Drawing Tickets, Raffle Calendars, Carbonless Form and most other jobs we do.
  Orders up to 10,000 take 1 - 2 working days.
  Orders of 10,001 - 50,000 take 2 - 3 working days.
  Orders of 50,001 or more take 4+ working days.

Please remember, your order will not be started until we receive a final proof and payment. Also if your forms are stapled this will add additional time to finish your order.