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How To Do and Order a Raffle Calendar

What Is The Difference Between A Cash Calendar, Lotto Calendar, Fund Raiser Calendar, Raffle Calendar, Prize Calendar Or Drawing Calendar?

Generally Only The Name.


Hear's the basics. Set a goal for the amount you would like to make for your organization. Add that to the prize money to be given away. Decide the selling price for each raffle calendar to make that amount with the number of raffle calendars needed to sell to make your goal. Pick a month 1 to 2 months in advance so that you are sure you can sell as many calendars as needed. It is very important that you estimate how many units you can sell. Example: Order 1,000 calendars, sell at $10 each. Give away $2,000 prize money. Sell all 1,000 you receive $10,000 dollars minus prize money = $8,000 Income. Sell only 900 still make $7,000 income. It is very important that the prize money for each day be 3 to 5 times the sell price. Nobody wants to buy a chance to only win what they pay for the ticket. You can offset some of the lower daily amounts to have $100 or $250 special day prize money.


We suggest that you order enough raffle calendars so the number of calendars you expect to sell will equal a minimum of 1&1/2 to 2 times the goal you set with the cost of the raffle calendar. Many of the calendars distributed to your helpers may not be sold. See Pick 3 Lotto below for your state daily Lotto pick 3 calendar [ see below for Lotto Calendar ].


Fill out our order form or E-mail all the information for the calendar with your name, address, phone, E-mail and information for us to contact you if needed. We will set your calendar for the selected month with the dollar amount you have chosen for each day



The customer fills out the name and address stub which is perforated to tear off. You keep this stub for your records. The customer gets the calendar part for their records. When the drawing time arrives, draw one name and address stub for each day of the month. The person whose name is on the stub gets the prize amount printed on the raffle calendar for that day. You may draw either one each day, weekly, all at once at a preset date and time and function, or let the Daily Pick 3 Lotto do the drawing for you.
RULE OF THUMB......Make money!

Prize amounts, selling price and profit are decided by you. We typeset each order raffle calendar to your specifications. Sell price is what you think you can sell a calendar for in your local area. $10.00 each or 11 for $100.00, $20.00 each or 6 for $100, etc. We have seen these priced as high as $50.00 each. Remember you are giving someone 30-31 chances to win a prize. Make sure the prize money is worth the reason for a person to buy a raffle calendar. We Say Again: Nobody wants to buy a chance to only win what they pay for the ticket.

Our sample calendar has prizes totaling $1,125.00. If you ordered 1,000 calendars and sold 900 at $10.00, your profit would be $7,875.00. If you ordered 2,000 calendars and sold 1,500 at $10.00, your profit would be $13,875.00. Minus cost to print and ship.

If your state has the Pick 3 Daily Lotto drawings you can use their daily numbers as the winning numbers and you do not not need a specific drawing time or place, let your state lotto do the work. Have 1 or 2 designated persons in your club to check each daily number and use it for the winning number. Tell customers to fill out the stub properly and you will send a check to pay them weekly, bi weekly or at end of month. They also can pick it up at a designated spot. Daily 3 lotto numbers are 000 to 999. We can print in quantities of 1000 with 1 number, 500 with 2 numbers, and 250 with 4 numbers. Also if you have a big origination we can print 2 sets with different numbers and colors.
If doing a drawing calendar. Set up the drawing in conjunction with a Vegas night, dinner meeting, Little League opening day, shopping center promotion, radio station promotion, Holiday, Super Bowl, World Series, local event, etc. Check out your local Bingo parlor. Have them sell for you or let you sit in on a secession or two and give them a percent on the sales.

If you see a wording error on this page or have any questions: Call 1-888-224-4414, Mon - Fri, 9:00 a.m. til 4:30 p.m. pacific time.

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