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  • The "B" Raffle Ticket is our most popular 2 part ticket. Size is 5.5 width and 3.67 high {5-1/2 x 3-3/4 }. Both the name stub and the body are numbered with matching numbers. For other uses any wording desired can be used such as dinner ticket, door prize drawing, entry into a dance, 50/50 drawing, drink ticket, Vegas night chips, etc.

  • The "A" Raffle Ticket is our largest 3 part standard ticket. It is a 3 part ticket at 8.5 width and 2.75 high { 8-1/2 x 2-3/4 }. If you need a coupon for a sponsor such as a discount for a Pizza or Hamburger, this is the raffle ticket to use. The stub can also be used for a dinner ticket, door prize, dance admittance, etc. Both the name stub and the body are numbered with matching numbers and you can have the second stub numbered at no extra cost. You choose the wording for your special event. The stubs can be switched to have the larger stub on the left side.

  • The "C" ticket is a 1 part ticket. It is 5.5 width and 2.125 high { 5-1/2 x 2-1/8 }. These tickets can be used for just about anything you can imagine. Tickets may contain any wording desired and used as admission, dinner, entry into a dance, carnival etc.

  • The "H" Ticket is our largest standard two part raffle and drawing ticket. The H ticket has a 2" name and address stub and is 2 3/4 high and 8 1/2" wide overall size with a 6-1/2" body that provides plenty of room for prizes and any other information. Both the stub and the body are numbered with matching numbers. This ticket can be used for raffles, drawings, door prizes, hat/coat check or admissions.


  • On the "A" ticket the right hand stub is for a coupon or an area for special wording or logos. Logo art should be good black and white copy. We can convert a colored logo to black and white halftone for printing but may not be as good as you would like. Photocopies may not be reproducible.E-mail us with attachment for the following files: pcx, wmf, tiff, corel 13, MS word (doc), or .bmp. If you have a coupon (such as $1.00 off a pizza) you must FAX or e-mail a copy of the coupon with phone number of the responsible person providing the coupon value. We will contact the providing person (business) to verify use of coupon.

  • On the "F" ticket the right hand section is not perforated and is used for legal or other information wording as needed.


  • We can print tickets on a wide variety of paper stock, prices shown on web site are for the two most common papers our customers call for, 60 Lb Text and 60 Lb Astrobrite Text. Standard paper colors are Yellow, Blue, Green, Pink and White. We print tickets on the paper color of your choice.


  • On 2 and 3 part tickets both the stub(s) and the body are numbered with matching numbers unless told otherwise on your order. Single part tickets have only 1 number as standard printing. 2 numbers can be printed on ticket if requested.


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